Orthodontist in Los Banos and Turlock

your first visit to hyer ortho

We will ask you to fill out paperwork so we can identify your concerns and meet your orthodontic needs. To save you time, our office can e-mail you the forms to be downloaded and printed before your appointment.

Our treatment coordinator will walk you to our consultation room, where you will meet a registered dental assistant. She will take a panoramic X-ray and take photos of your teeth and smile. These diagnostic records will help Dr. Hyer assess your dental health. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination and discuss your treatment options. We want to make sure you receive answers to whatever questions you may have about your orthodontic needs. You should allow about an hour for this initial exam and consultation. (If you are under 18 years of age, we ask that a parent or guardian accompany you to your appointment.) We can schedule an appointment to place your Damon braces after your consultation.

Before you begin treatment, additional diagnostic records will be needed. These records include impressions of your teeth and a cephalometric X-ray. At this time, your orthodontic records are reviewed so we can finalize the treatment plan.

Thanks to the great technological advances that have occurred recently in orthodontics, having your Damon braces placed is a rather simple process. We usually set aside an hour on the day your braces are placed, at which time we will go over the care and maintenance of your Damon braces. After they are placed, most of your future appointments will be made at 5- to 10-week intervals, depending on your specific needs.